Immersing into History at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence


The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum should be on the list of anyone visiting Florence, and this guide explains why. We look at what the museum has to offer and why tourists should drop by.


Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most prolific artists of the Renaissance era. Whether one is a lover of art or not, seeing some of the works by this globally-recognised artist is an achievement. Da Vinci was an inventor as well, and the museum has an extensive collection of those works. The museum is in the heart of Florence and is one of the attractions that locals and foreigners can create memorable experiences. Leonardo Da Vinci possessed a curious mind, and this museum is a testament to that. It incorporates exhibits from different fields that the artist and inventor were involved in, including architecture.


All-around History

The paintings by Leonardo are some of the most valued pieces in the world. Visiting the Florence Museum is an opportunity to be among them. The Last Supper alfresco is one of the artworks that guests can catch a glimpse of at this museum. The museum can also be part of an educational tour. Leonardo’s inventions have had a major impact in today’s world, and a visit would be a good way to learn more about them. Students can see some of the notes of the studies that Leonardo made for his inventions. Although most of the machines are wooden, they are interactive and display the genius that was Leonardo Da Vinci. A tourist staying at the FIBNB apartments can drop by the museum whether for a solo or group tour. The museum sits between Piazza del Duomo and Piazza S.S. Annunziata.


The Five Sections

The museum is divided into five categories.

Water – Some of the water equipment that Da Vinci invested are still in use today like water floats. This section has pieces like the webbed glove, Archimedian screw and hydraulic saw.


Mechanisms – This section includes some of the codexes that Leonardo created during his lifetime. Visitors can learn about the history behind principles locking system, ball bearer and motion transformation.



Earth – In this area, visitors can see interactive machines like the revolving crane, automaton and printing machine.

Fire – Machines created using the Atlantic Codex like the machine gun are exhibited here. Visitors can see a fully interactive armoured tank.

Air – All of Da Vinci’s air-related inventions such as his parachute are displayed in this section. Others that you can see include the anemometer, hygrometer and anemoscope.


Families, couples and individuals visiting Florence can include Leonardo Da Vinci Museum on the itinerary and be part of a rich history. Besides the museum, Florence is a magnificent place with great sceneries and even better architecture.


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