5 common mistakes to avoid when organizing a conference.


When organizing a conference, there are many things to consider, and the simplest things are the ones people forget. The host can plan on how the meeting will be, what will be discussed, get all the necessary material but forget to offer drinks and refreshments. For the conference to be great, the host needs to be prepared for anything.


  1. Failure to book a conference room on time


This is one of the major common mistakes that the host makes. They forget to book a conference room on time and rush to get the only available space later on. If the person wants to find a hotel in London for conferences making an early appointment is necessary. Hotels like the Royal Lancaster London have great conference rooms, but the host needs to book on time.



  1. Failure of not having a contingency plan


The host needs to think of all the ‘what ifs’. What their next plan would be if the event does not go as planned. The host should always have a back-up plan for everything in the conference from getting a backup generator to having a stand-in keynote speaker.



  1. Not having enough staff

The staff working that day should be enough to handle all the guests. Most people assume that the hotel will provide stuff and fail to get additional stuff to fill in in case of an emergency. Get enough stuff at the registration desk and make the line move along fast.


  1. Forgetting to budget for wifi connections

Most of the hotels offer free wifi but always assume there won’t be any. This will allow for budgeting and getting an alternative source of wifi in the conference room. In this generation making video calls, and being online is a crucial thing.


  1. Serve refreshments during breaks


The host always forgets to get refreshments during break time since they provide lunch and breakfast. They forget that after a long day of sitting and listening, a cup of coffee or a bottle of water can make the guest be alert. Always ensure that drinks are served during the breaks.



Hosting a conference meeting can take up most of the hosts and event planners time that they forget some of the basic and important things. Always double check everything before the conference starts.




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