Best places to chill out near Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherds Bush in London offers great sites to spend your day. The neighbourhood has a combination of residential houses and offices and is an area popular with young professionals in West London. Some of the best places to chill out in Shepherds bush include;


  1. Visit Shepherd’s Bush Market


The market is regarded as one of the most famous markets in London and has been in existence for over 100 years. The market has fresh fruit stalls, electronics and is a great spot to visit and pass the time as you sample what is on display at the market and possibly make a few purchases in things that will seem exciting to you.


  1. Visit Bush hall


A visit to Bush Hall will offer you a chance to listen to live music. The hall is perfect for events and hosts music bands who entertain and display their talent throughout the night.


  1. Tour Uxbridge Road


The street is famous for numerous food spots which offer you a chance to sample cuisines of different nationalities. Visiting the Uxbridge Street will help you get a feel of west London’s culture.


  1. Shop at Westfield


The shopping venue has more than 360 shops which give you an excellent opportunity to shop and pick among the variety of items on display. The shopping mall houses international brands and designers selling a variety of consumer items. The mall also houses different eateries which offer you a chance to sample different cuisines being offered.


  1. Chill at Sindercombe Social


The pub offers a wide range of American style menu and has a wide range of craft beer to select from. Live music is also provided at least four nights of a week to entertain you.


  1. Visit Ravenscourt Park


Take a picnic to the park to rest and enjoy the day. The park has cafes, children’s pools, and basketball courts which offer a great way to relax and pass the time as you sample what is on offer at the park.


  1. Visit the theatre


The lyric Hammersmith hosts children’s show which is not only entertaining but also a great display of talent. This will enable you to appreciate art and enjoy the moment as you forget all your worries.


  1. Tour Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising


Visit the Museum to learn about consumer goods, posters and toys of different brands that have been preserved there. Visiting the museum will help you understand and appreciate the evolution of consumer goods since the Victoria times up to the present day




The places mentioned above offer a great opportunity of chilling in Shepherds Bush. We highly recommend that you tour to enjoy the many attractive sites as a great way of relaxing in the neighbourhood and taste what Shepherds Bush has to offer during leisure time. During your stay enjoy your visit at K-West Hotel & Spa to make your entire stay at Shepherds Bush a memorable one.


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