Things to do in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderful blend of history and modernity and Sukhumvit is rife with treasures to explore for singles, couples and families.



Terminal 21 is a Sight to Behold

This huge mall recreates several glamorous world cities, all under one roof. Expect to see London, San Francisco and Tokyo City while you wander through the nine floors and peek inside as many of the 600 shops as you have time for. For authentic Thai food, visit the food court, where you can also sample cuisines from all over the world. There’s definitely something here for everyone, young and old alike.


The Baan Kamthieng House Museum Will Shock and Awe

Located in the shadow of the nearby Terminal 21 shopping mall, you’ll find it hard to believe that you’re in the bustling center of Sukhumvit once you step inside and enter the quiet galleries that make up this museum. Home to a variety of Thai artifacts and history, the museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the farming families that once lived in the area. If you’re looking for something interesting and educational to do, this is the place for you.


Stroll Through Benjasiri Park

Inside the park you’ll find a plethora of beautiful sculptures, as well as a fountain created by the renowned artist, Mesium Yipinsoy, which will stun you with its thrice daily water dance shows. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the basketball courts, roller skating rink and outdoor swimming pool. Any visitors with children won’t be able to get enough of everything this lush and refreshing park has to offer.


Go Back in Time at Dinosaur Planet Theme Park

Unlike anything else you’ll ever see, this Jurassic themed park is an amusement park complete with packs of roaming velociraptors and even a T-rex. Life size models of the dinosaurs give you a glimpse of their world and offer some unforgettable photo opportunities. Rides offer fun for the kids and there are plenty of opportunities to learn something too.


Get a Taste of the Culture at the Thai Markets

Whether you can afford to stay in a 5 star hotel Sukhumvit, such as the Lancaser Bangkok, or you are on a smaller budget, there’s something for you at the many Thai markets. Each is filled with local delights, from food to souvenirs to clothing. A place where haggling is welcome, you’re sure to find a hidden treasure to take home with you, whether it’s a piece of Thai culture or a meal you’ll never forget.


Sukhumvit offers a wealth of Thai culture and immersing yourself is a fun way to learn something, enjoy a unique holiday and make new friends at any of the popular attractions that are for both visitors and locals.


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